The Definitive Guide For ICO/STO Marketing.

The article divides ICO and STO marketing into a comprehensive guide. It gives you a roadmap to what to do and how to do it. We are also trying to provide resources and examples for your understanding.

If you are reading this article, you must be familiar with ICO and STO. ICO is a revolution started back in 2016 and growing evidently, data confirm that back in 2016 ICO raised $96 million. Throughout the time ICO has become a largely controversial mechanism from a simple, promising funding mechanism. ICO is often used by people with negative intentions, due to lack of jurisdiction and regulations in the system. So to the solution to this many well-respected individuals created Security Token Offering or STO.

STO is similar to ICO a blockchain-based representation for securing assets with security laws, and it may be the best funding mechanisms created to date. In this article we are going to extensively cover ways of creating effective PR and marketing plans for ICO and STO, We will share helpful tips and pointers to ace the genre.

Before getting started… We need to know

  • The difference between ICO and STO Marketing: If you are planning to create a marketing plan for ICO and STO, you should be aware of the significant differences both of the mechanisms share. For ICO marketing, the main concern has always been to attract a large pool of retail investors in the public crowd sale. Most of the time it is achieved by community-driven strategies, operating bounty fair, maintaining active social media channels or running telegram charts.

Whereas, in the world of STO is a lot different. Most STOs aren’t occasionally allowed to operate together with the retail investors. STO as many regulatory limitations, as a result, the marketing strategy for STO is mostly eared around sophisticated and accredited investors.

  • And ten Accordingly decide your PR and marketing plan: Once you’ve known the differences between ICO and STO marketing strategies, you can set an idea of what exactly your marketing plan should be.

However, in this article, we are explaining 5 different ways you can reach both the ICO and STO market.

What you need for an ICO/STO PR and marketing plan

Step.1 Website

The first and foremost step of any marketing strategy is to create the face of the brand. In this case, your website’s homepage is the brand’s face. This is the first interaction area spend by the investors, no matter retail or others. So it is extremely significant for both mechanisms. Having a professional and informative homepage creates a better image thus increasing the brand value. The key to a successful website is that it can interact with its viewers thoroughly, which resulting in all the questions asked by a potential investor. It is highly important that the website is simple and as a decent look, it may content relatable graphics and videos. While explaining principles of Website design Alice Jackson affirms, websites should be user-friendly. Also, the PR section of your homepage should include a ‘get in touch’ info so that customers can get any information at any time.

Step.2 Detailed Content Plan

If a website is your brand’s face, then the content is your brand’s voice. Including in-depth and knowledgeable articles to your brand’s website can help to spread your word and simultaneously educating your readers. It is always advisable to maintain an active company blog; it will not only develop and educate your readers thus building a community in your industry niche. For a starter, just two articles a month can be a game-changer.

Step.3 Social Media Presence

If you are planning a marketing strategy in 2019, you can’t miss social media. Social media is an essential part of everyone’s life. Even nowadays a complete brand image is creating online by social media presence. If you are in the crypto industry you might know that ICOs create and maintain social media presence in five different social media platforms, including the major ones like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and others. While STOs are slightly different in nature, as they do not follow a conventional crypto crowd sale. But still, for an STO marketing strategy, social media plays an inevitable part. For STO marketing the social media platforms include BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Twitter, etc. establishing a strong social media presence can create a big impact on your quest for ICO or STO investors.

Step.4 Analyze Your Efforts

Once you start producing content and sharing materials on the web, analyzing your efforts will give you profound ideas for your next steps. When you are creating any marketing plan it is important to know what the demand of your market is, only then you can reach your desired marketing goals. So to do that, you have to analyze the efforts you put. There are certain ways you can measure your activities on the web.

  • Measuring website traffic on Google Analytics
  • The effectiveness of traffic sources is also measured by Google Analytics.
  • Analyzing the engagement of your community groups- Discussions, Query, Resolution time, etc.
  • Reacts on your contents- Likes, Shares, Comments.
  • Referrals for your ICO/STO
  • Counting the backlinks of your website

Step.5 Community Management

As I mentioned in the step.2 that content marketing of your brand creates a community in the industrial niche. Once you have such a community ahead, obviously your responsibility would be to manage that community. You can interact with your community members; listen to their queries, resolving them with proactive answers, etc. For better community management, you should have FAQs for answering queries rapidly. Regardless of the mechanism, this is essential for both ICO and STO marketing.

To wrap it up! The Marketing Plan isn’t a one day job; it requires time, patience and hard work. Marketing for ICO and STO is rd on some levels but if you come up with a productive marketing strategy and work accordingly, success is definitely ahead of you!

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