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PR & Media Placement

A successful PR and media placement is crucial to any business, especially start-ups.  And blockchain and ICO marketing campaigns are no different.  In fact, it is even more difficult than regular products and campaigns, because of the current low level of awareness and mistrust surrounding the technology.

You need an able PR team to help you deliver a successful marketing campaign.  Let us help you overcome these market challenges and weaknesses.  Open your business to endless income opportunities.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in the ICO PR landscape.  With our vast network in the marketing world, experience in Blockchain technology, and reliable data-analysis expertise, we’ll make sure that you’ll get the exposure that you need and more.

  • Be relevant in select crypto media, engage your target market and boost your bottom line
  • Leave it to us to ensure a strong marketing campaign to get your company across as a trustworthy player.
  • Build a connection with your target market by establishing trust through easily understandable content and proper placement in different media forms.
  • Let us carefully plan your campaigns so that it attracts the market that you need: the expert investors and those who are genuinely interested in your project or cause.
  • Drive organic traffic to your business to ensure continued growth.
  • We’ll personalize your package to meet your budget, without sacrificing your PR needs.
  • Achieve your desired results with a clear analysis of how your audience reacts to your marketing campaigns.

From delivering high-quality content to making sure your articles are featured in sites of known-leaders in the field and other top-tier publications, enjoy good publicity that will surely boost your fundraising campaigns.  Have your company name mentioned in publications in the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Cointelegraph.

We deliver quality media coverage suited for your ICO needs.  Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you out.