ICO Marketing Strategy: Some Useful Guidelines

Marketing strategy is an essential step for ICO launch As marketing determines and influences overall success. So it is highly recommended to execute a well-thought marketing plan.

ICO marketing agencies are getting popular day by day. Blockchain PR agencies play a huge role in changing public perception of ICO, which results in big ICOs success.

Before we talk about the digital marketing strategy for ICO, let’s briefly discuss what ICO is: 

Well, ICO means Initial coin offering, which is consists of distributing a token online by an organization. The main motive of this crowdfunding idea is to bypass early seed investment into raising profit funds.

But if you choose any wrong PR services for ICO promotion, it can lead to losing money. In fact, a recent study from Statis Group we acknowledged that over 80% of ICOs were claimed to be a scam. Also, E&Y (Ernst and Young) report mentioned that 10% of the $3.8 billion was stolen.

In this article, we look into various ways you can promote ICOs and avoid being deceived.

How to promote ICO?  

To get into the sphere of ICO, you need to have innovative and most importantly, an out-of-the-box marketing strategy. Professional help from an ICO marketing agency is always better for proficient outcomes. Competition in the market is relentless. Hundreds of projects come every year, and only a few get succeeded.  Marketing draws the difference between success and failure. The marketing plan should have a multi-faceted approach, utilizing every conventional and non-conventional media placement for ICO. Above all, it should maximize limited resources.

Here are five different points on how you can promote ICO effectively 

•    Build a killer website: Website is your one tool that displays your product. A good and successful website should be uncluttered, user-friendly, and maintaining the proper aesthetic. Smashing magazine explains that there are ten principles of website design. For an ICO website, there are certain expectations should be fulfilled the modern design, user-friendly navigation, and accurate information.

•    Prepare whitelist: Once you build your ICO website, it should have a targeted audience, building a whitelist will create a community of people who will likely visit your site. The advantage of a successful whitelist campaign is it will strengthen your social channels, generates awareness, and spawn urgency around your ICO launch.

•    Focusing on PR and Media outreach: PR and Media outreach is very important. To receive a more positive approach, people need to hear about your ICO. Top ICO websites conduct press release, other than that they focus on publishing press releases and other ICO related articles on various websites. To draw the attention of your target audience, one can guest post on other ICO websites. Guest posting can promise long-term growth for an ICO.

•    Check your SEO: Publishing good SEO content and with a maintained SEO audit, one can significantly help you to rank on top search engines. If implemented correctly, the SEO health of your website can keep persisting growth for your ICO.

•    Networking with social media: Last but not least social media platforms are a great way to reach your target audience. Exclusive blog posts and occasional engagement in the leading social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter can bring indelible results.

In the end, always remember that you can only have one chance to make the first impression. Make sure to make it right and effective. Although marketing for ICO is quite tricky, it is always better to put professional expertise to avoid any mistakes.