What Should You Avoid To Make Your ICO/STO Success?


Right now there is a boom in Initial Coin Offering (ICO)/ STO market and undoubtedly it could be the biggest year for ICO yet. Some of are even predicting that STO will raised 200$ billion in 2020. If you go through the data anyone can see why they are predicting that much. In March 2019 ICO raised fund 3.24$ billion-dollar, almost half of the money that rose in 2018. But ICO success rate is not that greater in 2018, almost 55% ICO have failed to complete in the second quarter. In March 2019 total 136 ICO’s ended and 4 ICO’s were rescheduled. Whereas in March 2018 success rate of was 51% and in March 2019 it has become just above 31%. So, the failure rate of ICO is skyrocketing that indicates poor marketing strategies own by the companies. Now in the market there is a new player called STO or Security Token Offering.

STO or Security Token Offering:-

In the initial part of 2017 it was very easy to take part on the ICO market and raise funds. Unluckily it opens the door for fishy players who have done a tremendous harm to crypto industry. So, agencies like U.S Securities and Exchange Commission stepped in to restrict those players. STO or Security Token Offering, a crypto token that passed the Howey test consider as security token.

Creating an ideal website:-

Most momentous part of your ICO/STO marketing strategy is website. Imagine your website as a shop window, if you came across to a sparse but tidy, systematic window than it’s likely that you are going to enter the shop. The same method applies upon your website. If someone provides a fast and better website design with his/her ICO than you, then traffic will turn back from your website. Your website should be well design, graphics and creativity should follow the same methodology to catch the attention of your viewer. Below there are some guidelines for the websites:- • A brief document that contain the information about White paper • Road map, a plan or strategy to achieve your goal • Bounty and Airdrops • Various language options • Your website should add ample information about your work and your team.

White paper creation:-

White paper is a report giving information about any proposal or project to the readers. In ICO/ STO white paper is a brief document that presents a viewpoint to persuade customer. It basically used as a marketing tool to promote ICO/STO. Every single ICO needs a brief to be successful in this industry. So, it should be one of the main priority for any ICO to achieve the goals.

Social Media Marketing:-

It is the era of Social Media and according to a research 61% Americans are using social media. In the social media platform there are 81% of business owner who are promoting their business. SSM or social media marketing is the essential part of any marketing strategy. So, social media contains a vast majority of people and offers a low cost advertising feature to promote your ICO/STO. It will also increase your brand value and help to grow your community.

PR and Media outreach service:-

It could be a traditional method but also a tried and tested method since online marketing has started its journey. Once the website is completed, it’s time to reach your targeted audience and there is no better option than PR. Public needs to know about your ICO/STO, your idea, strategies, team and many more to invest on your project. PR and media outreach service will also take care of your SEO problems. This will also increase your rank on the various search engines such as Google. This service will help to drive targeted traffic to your website with the help of using many high authority premium sites.

PPC or Pay per click:-

PPC stands for pay per click; we also know it as CPC cost per click. This method of internet marketing deals more on a paid advertising or advertisement, you make a fee that assist in making your ICO more popular between investors. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement, when someone clicked in your ad link that link will directly deliver that clicker on your website. Let’s assume you pay $3 per click and that visitor makes a sale of $100, it all about how much you want to pay for a click.

ICO/STO Listing:-

Listing your ICO/STO in the top-tire sites could be the most important strategy. There are several ICO/STO to give you stiff competition and listing ICO/STO is great for ICO/STO for coverage and exposure. There are several sites can list your ICO without taking a fee but most of them are regularly not updated. If you want a comprehensive coverage than you can get placement on popular sites that charge.

ICO/STO is a money spinner, but you have to know how to spin it in your favor. Benefit of having a solid marketing strategy and plan could ensure your ICO’s fortune by being a cryptolord. Yes, there are several ICO but with the right trick you can achieve your destination.