Importance of PR & Media in Blockchain Project?


Blockchain is the technology where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether run on. It is distributed, decentralized, public or open ledger technologies that compute and record the information. No individual can change the details; as a result, there is no need for any third party to oversee any transaction.

The importance of PR:-

The average citizen often has a difficult time understanding the new project or technology. Remember the internet in the 90’s? Blockchain is a more vast and foreign idea for most the people to understand its working method. Blockchain is a record-keeping book and almost 641 cryptocurrencies are based on the same technology and because of PR it becomes a common language. Below there is some reason why public relations has played the most crucial part in achieving this feat.

For clarification:-

PR blockchain allows startups and marketers to stabilize your brand and make it profitable by explaining the idea, technology and how it works in terms people can relate to. Yes, social networks are important for any promotion, but when you will talk about your achievements the most of the people will ignore it since it sounds like an alien.

Building faith upon your project and establishing an authoritative voice:- But why even you care for more traditional PR, when you have social media networks and community to promote your project on social networks? According to a recent study from Static Group claimed that over 80% of ICOs or Blockchain projects have schemed. Then PR will help to promote your projects on a third party platform with a certain level of celebrity who will present your project as trustworthy. This will also help to reach your targeted audience and grow your community. Now a day’s PR is the medium of communication and as well as expending your audience. PR will help to publish your article in the crypto-related media, where you can show off all the third-party publication who is talking about your project.

Differentiate your project:-

New projects are launching every day in this industry. So, what’s makes your project different from the other one. Yes, it’s your idea but the most essential part should be its marketing strategy. It will point out how your ideas were clarified and it makes a huge difference between you and your competitors. It allows projects in the Blockchain industry to make differentiate themselves as safe, legal and profitable.

Make your website trustworthy in major search engine’s eye:- A couple of strategic blog mentions and posts are enough to earn trust in the eyes of major search engines like Google and it will also help to improve your rank. As a result, PR Blockchain is the most essential part of this industry which is based online.

In a short definition, we can say the PR is the most crucial part for any business and, the Blockchain project is no different. With the help of PR, there is always a better chance to reach your targeted audience and it also allows presenting your idea from others’ points of view.