The Role Of Social Media Marketing In Building Brands


In this era of digitalization and social media where individuals are spending more time in the virtual world than the real world, the marketing system must shift and rightly it has turned to Social Media Marketing where it can reach to the vast population easily. So, first, we will get to know what social marketing is.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is a class of internet marketing that includes developing and spreading content on social networks to achieve marketing goals. This envisions activities like text posting and updating images, videos, and other useful information that drives audience involvement, as well as paid social media advertising.

That being said, we will go through as why we think social media marketing plays a vital role in building a brand.

  • Drive targeted traffic: Research has reported that more than 60% of adults are in social like Facebook, Instagram, or tweeter. So, as for a new site or content takes a while to get approved by google this serves us the opportunity to reach the content or website to the public quickly thus driving the traffic to where we aim.
  • Boosts the SEO of Site: Search engine crawlers can differentiate between the consistently earning trafficking pages and forgotten pages. With the help of Facebook’s Scheduling tool or Hootsuite in tweeter one can set their best posts to be re-shared in a particular time gap in the Social Media to get their posts that extra boost for a getting a good branding.
  • Quoted Experts: It is the best benefit of all the advantages of this which allows us to quote someone with a great fan following in the social media relevant to our post and it helps us to drive the followers of that influential person to our posts automatically.
  • Relationship building with the audience: Most of the companies take a wrong approach towards Social Media Marketing by just offering discounts and other new offer announcements, but this is not the case as consumers comprehend this as a mode of interaction and not marketing machine. So, what you have to do is to take a more authentic approach like go live to promote your brand items. Entertain the customers to buy always replying to their quarries, and you can build a good relationship with the customer, thus giving your brand that building stairs to climb to the top.
  • Social Media is the king of newsjacking: In the era of media-saturated culture sometimes if fortune favours your brand can be tweeted or maybe a meme or a pop-culture phenomenon that goes with your brand, you can jump in and participate with the story while it’s still breaking the social media to promote your brand value to that extra level.
  • Keep attracting new customers: This feature mainly works to promote a brand and not a product. For example, you can use Hootsuite in twitter to arrange streams for specific keywords related to your product and industry.  When you spot someone tweeting about similar products you can reach them and provide information about your new brand.  There you can directly have a conversation with the customer to show why your brand is superior to the others of the same type in the market.

Though we could not cover all we at least know all the critical reasons why the owners are going for social media marketing to build their brand names and why should you go for it too.  Let us know if we miss out to other advantages of Social Media Marketing.