Honest Review Of Top 5 Trending Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms


Through cryptocurrency exchange platforms, a sponsor can buy, sell, and trade, various cryptocurrencies often purchased with flat currencies.

There are a large number of exchange platforms that trade a variety of coins, including bitcoin, litecoin, binance coin, tether, stellar and many, many more. Though not all exchanges permit you to buy coins with U.S. dollars, some exchange allows you to inter-trade between crypto coins. Like you can buy bitcoin with litecoin and so on.

Noticing the indistinct nature of cryptocurrency, investing in cryptocurrency is something between the protection and actual value of the currency. Though it has recently dipped, bitcoin is still worth a fair deal.

We will discuss the top 5 trending Cryptocurrency Exchanges in this article; connect with us for more:

  1. Coinbase: We have coinbase in the number one position, it was founded in 2012, and now many users suggest it as “most beginner-friendly exchange.” The benefit of Coinbase is that the service operates as an exchange, wallet, and toolset for traders. As for now, Coinbase trades in four different cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the Coinbase accepts fiat and has a typical fee of 1.49% to 3.99% per purchase. Bonus, you can’t short-sell or intraday trade on Coinbase.
  • Binance: Another unique crypto exchange we have, Binance was founded in 2017, and now it is well renowned as “The world’s largest Cryptocurrency Exchange.” Binance has now become a very familiar name in the world of the crypto world. One of the signing bonuses of Binance is its low dealing fee – about 0.1%. And, with over 130 tradeable currencies, Binance has got almost everything a crypto admirer could want. The major drawback of Binance is currently you can’t use fiat, and you also can’t short sell or margin trade. And, the exchange has very negligible rules.
  • BitMEX: It was founded in 2014, and it is one of the most leading bitcoin trading platforms often used by more experienced crypto traders. Though BitMEX only uses Bitcoin for trading purposes, still it has gained immense popularity among bitcoin enthusiasts.

The main attraction of this exchange is that you can buy leveraged contracts like futures contracts and perpetual contracts full of bitcoin rather than just owning the coin itself.

  • Huobi: A fee-free cryptocurrency exchange platform, gained popularity since its inception. It was founded in 2013 in china. The platform is not yet available for the traders of the U.S but offers a massive 248 tradable coins. With maker and taker charges approximately 0% to 0.2%, Huobi has become a front-runner. This exchange also offers different versions – the traditional Huobi OTC, which permits fee-free exchanging of cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. The other is Huobi Pro, which has more advanced trading capabilities.
  • Kracken: Since its origin, it is allegedly one of the most used bitcoin exchanges in euro and liquidity and is famous for its large variety of fiat currencies available for trade- including the USD, euro, pound, yen, and the Canadian dollar. Kraken trades 17 coins, accepts fiat currency, allows for intraday trading and short selling and it charges for maker and taker of around 0% to 0.26%. As it provides options for different kinds of trading, high liquidity and its variety of top cryptocurrencies Kraken are best suited for more skilled traders.

To end this article, I would addchoosing a cryptocurrency exchange will confide mostly on your location and particular needs. You will have to take the calls based on your trading level, as many exchanges have beginner or advanced options and platforms.

According to us, these are the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms one can use. Please write to us if we had missed out on some others.